Wireless Charger Pad Qi Wooden Mat Charging Mini For Samsung S8 Plus iPhone 8 X

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default: Wireless Charger Pad Qi Wooden Mat Charging Mini For Samsung S8 Plus iPhone 8 X
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1, the input voltage: DC4.3V ~ 5.5V / 1.5 ~ 2A, beyond this range of voltage alarm and stop charging
2, the output voltage: 5V ± 0.1V,
3, the charging current: 500mAh-1000mAh
4, the charging power: the maximum can reach 5W
5, conversion efficiency: more than 73%
6, transmission distance: maximum 10mm, recommended send and receive spacing 2mm ~ 4mm
7, standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 50mW
8, over-temperature protection: when charging temperature is higher than 60 ° automatically stop charging 1 minute, wait for the temperature down, and then re-charge
9, over-current protection: when charging the output current greater than 1.5A is automatically stop charging, to prevent damage to the charger
10, the implementation of standards: Qi wireless charging standards
11, product certification: CE / FCC, compatible with QI certification standards
12, product specifications: 69 * 10
13, the product weight:
14. Whether to support foreign body detection: support
15. Indicator function: charging green light, standby light red, fault double flash
16.Weight:90g(with box)
A large number of research results show that the "battery with the use of charge / shallow shallow release" (both high and low potential) and "exhaustion recharge / deep charge deep release" compared to the former battery life longer. That is to say do not wait until the battery is exhausted again to charge, rest assured and make full use of debris time to charge the phone bar.
Package included:
1x USB micro cable
1x Wireless charger
1x Product manual

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