TOPRECIS T7 LCD Projector HD 720P 3800 Lumens Media LED Video Movie Projector Beamer Home Theater

Plug: EU Plug
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Model T7
Operating System Multi-Media/Same Screen/WiFi Smart
lmage System LCD
Lamp LED
Contrast 1000:1
Native Res. 1280*720P
Brightness 200ANSI
Power Supply 100-240V 50/60HZ
Keystong  Manual Trapezium ±15 Vertical
Input Multi-Media:USB*2/HDMI IN/AV/IR/VGA/3.5mm Audio
Same Screen:USB*2/HDMI IN/AV/IR/VGA/3.5mm Audio
WiFi Smart:USB*2/HDMI IN/AV/IR/3.5mm Audio
Power Consumption 70W(MAX)
Lamp Life 20000Hours
Projection Dist. 1-4M
Size 24.6*18.8*9.2cm
Projection Size 40-200(inches)
Net Weight 1.36KG
Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9
Text TXT
Version A: Multi-Media Version, no android, no wifi, does not support AC3


◆ T7 720P high brightness LED projector
◆ Precise coating optical lens, refuses virtual focus. The picture quality is clear and sharp, eliminate the picture false focus and image distortion.
◆ High brightness, upgraded led lighting
◆ Heat dissipation system of dual turbine fans. Turbine circulating airflow concealed heat dissipation design, the system fully optimizes the air duct curve, and greatly enhances the heat dissipation effect, ensuring stable and smooth system operation.
◆ Small space also can enjoy a big screen. Short-focus design, lt can be imaged at 1m, projection size can be up to 140 inches.
◆ Exquisite craftsmanship. More than 10 years of professional optical team creative design, after rigorous testing and repeated adjustment.
◆ Diffuse reflection imaging to protect eye health. T7 Using the principle of diffuse reflection proiection, even if you watch for a long time, you will not feel visual fatigue, which is suitable for the healthy way of watching movies for all the family!
◆ 720P HD resolution. Physical 1280X720 RGB imaging unit, significantly reduced Low resolution particle sense, the picture is clearer and more delicate.
◆ Multi-screen interaction, one-hand control of large and small screens. Wireless one-button on-screen push function.

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