Strip the speakers

Color: Black
Sale price$20.53


Product name: KH V196
Model: V196
Cabinet material: plastic
Condition: New
Power supply: other
Color classification: wired version-black wired version-white cable / Bluetooth dual-mode upgrade version-black cable / Bluetooth dual-mode upgrade version-white flagship version-Bluetooth / cable / card / U disk / comes with lithium battery-black flagship version- Bluetooth / Wired / Card / U Disk / Bringing Lithium-White

Gross weight: 0.65KGCabinet material: plastic
Channel: 2.0

Color classification: cable version - black, cable version - whiteO1CN01vC6Cza1kCN0tYb1gk_!!1916034647O1CN019e9dJg1kCN0rd6zQc_!!1916034647O1CN01myPkS41kCN0rEV5PJ_!!1916034647O1CN01ooRIDS1kCN0ptpYoT_!!1916034647O1CN01CFi2eT1kCN0rd8jZA_!!1916034647O1CN01Ypq5uF1kCN0riDafr_!!1916034647O1CN01svJY451kCN0kySFV3_!!1916034647

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