Mini 32 Gears Electric LCD Massage Gun with 4 Head Type-C Charge

Color: Blue
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1. The most powerful massager. 32 Gears of Speed Shifting, with 4 different massage heads.
2. 7 Hrs Battery Life+2 hrs battery charge time. Large 2000mAh Power Li-ion Battery, 6 hrs of continuous use in the middle gear.
3. Double-bearing transmission brings a high power and low noise experience.
4. Strong motivation 32-speed shifting design meets a variety of massage need
5.Spherical head: suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, waist, back, buttocks, thighs and legs; U-shaped head: suitable for massage of neck, cervical spine and Achilles tendon with strong stimulation; flat head: suitable for relaxing and shaping various muscle parts; conical head: suitable for deep-seated tissue impact, such as meridians, palms, soles, etc.

Gear: 32 LCD
Battery: 2000mAh 5C power lithium battery
Endurance: first gear idling ≥ 8 hours
Input voltage: 5V
Working voltage: 7.4v
Rated power: 25W
Vibration frequency: 50 Hz
Power supply mode: charging / power supply type
Interface type: type-C interface
Shell material: ABS
Package size: 15 * 18 * 5.8cm
Speed: 1800-3200 rpm
Number of massage heads: 4
Charging time: 3.5H
Amplitude: 6 mm
Net weight of Gun: 290g
Total gross weight (including package): 0.53kg
Control mode: touch screen
Applicable site: muscle fascia of the whole body
Massage technique: vibration massage
Motor type: Brushless
Intelligent type: one-touch shift
Function: relieve fatigue, break down lactic acid, eliminate pain

Package Content:
1 x Massager Gun
4 x Massage Head

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