ENNIO 7 Inch Color Video Intercom Doorbell Night Vision Rainproof

Color: Intercom doorbell
Model: UK
Sale price$122.49


With monitoring, intercom, unlocking, hands-free, ringtone selection, ringback function
1. 7-inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power consumption, high-definition widescreen image.
2. Hands-free intercom function.
3. With call ring back function.
3. Electronically controlled unlocking function.
4. It has the function of monitoring outdoor.
5. Image brightness, chroma, ringtone volume, and intercom volume can be adjusted.
6. The outdoor unit with anti-alumina panel and wear-resistant surface treatment, the camera can be adjusted up, down, left and right.
7. The ultra-thin aluminum panel design of the indoor unit is beautiful and luxurious.
8, 16 kinds of chord sounds are optional, you will not always hear the monotonous doorbell.
9. Super rainproof, with night vision infrared function, wall-mounted installation is simple and convenient.

Performance parameters:

1. Switching power supply: AC220V--50Hz DC15V 1.2A
2. Whole machine current: less than 800mA
3. Call delay time: 120S±10%
4. Monitoring delay time: 60S±10%
5. Camera sensor: 420 lines
6. Lens: 3.6MM92 degrees
7. Outdoor unit with infrared night vision function
8. Overall dimensions of indoor unit: 240×150×20mm
9. External dimensions of outdoor unit: 120×50×43mm
10. Outdoor installation method: wall-mounted

Product List:
1. 7-inch color LCD monitor indoor extension 1
2. 1 outdoor host
3. 1 meter four-core connecting line
4. Two 4-core terminal wires
5. One 2-core terminal line
6. 1 switching power supply
7. 1 manual (Chinese and English optional)
8. Screw package

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