Electric head massager

Color: 2pcs White
Sale price$40.50



Therapy Type:others
Function Type:Relaxing Promote Circulation Anti-Fatigue
suitable voltage:110-220 V
charging cable:USB
charging connector:USB
length: 19cm
attention:there is no plug,it needs an USB plug
base width: 5cm

1 Reduce fatigue. It also relieves headaches caused by stress and stress.
2. Clear thinking! It also relieves eye strain and increases attention.
3. Restore the spirit. Massage can promote good health. A soothing head massage will help you relax and provide a comfortable and effective massage.
4 Relieve your mind and body. It can help you relieve stress and provide you with comprehensive health.
5. Two-speed switching: When using the “clean” brush, it is recommended to select high speed, which is more suitable for cleaning the scalp.
When using the “Maintenance” brush, it is recommended to choose a low speed for kneading and massaging the scalp area.


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