8-20x50 low light level night vision glasses

Specification: 20x50
Sale price$57.33


Product Settings:

Item: Monoscope Infinite Zoom 8-20X50

Magnification: 8-20X

Diameter of the lens: 50mm

Diameter of the eyepiece: 20mm

Field of vision: 31-76m @ 1000m

Size: 78x64x225mm

Prism: roof BAK4 prism

Focus: Center

Coating: FMC green film

Material: Metal Frame + Rubber Surface

Lens material: complete optical glass

Eye cup: Twisted rubber eye cup

Connectable tripod: Yes

Ideal for: Camping hunting Bird-watching.etc

Note: Do not use this product to directly observe the strong light source such as the sun, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Product Features:
1. 20mm eyepiece and 50mm lens to reduce eye strain and more light;

2. BAK4 prism and FMC green film for better images;

3. Optical glass lens and metal frame with good rubber surface for better use;

4. infinite monocular zoom to view different objects;

5. Rubber eye cup for different people.


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