6 in 1 LED skin massage beauty machine

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-Professional 6 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Skin Lifter
-Versatile, one machine to meet your multiple skin lifting needs
-RF, EMS, LED, electroporation, microwave pulse, sonic cleaning and massage
-5 LED colors to further improve skin texture
-3-button control, light weight and easy to use
-Suitable for eyes, face, head, body and all skin types
-Leading nutrition, nourishing and anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting, removing acne and whitening, the main functions of deep cleansing and massage
-Security and home use
Item Type: 6 in 1 Skin Lifter
Material: ABS plastic
Powder: Max 10W, charge 2.5W
Voltage: Charging
Plug: USB
Battery: 850 mAH
Handset weight: 135 grams
Phone size: 160 * 50 * 40mm / 6.3 * 1.95 * 1.57 inches
Charging time: 15-20 minutes
Working time: 100 minutes after fully charged
Standby time: 40 days
Frequency ultrasound: 3MHz EMS and RF: 50-89kHz
What will you get
1 *machine
1 * USB cable
1 * Charging base
1 * English manual


Use the machine to slide the area that needs care, including the eye area, from inside to outside, and from bottom to top. Be careful not to stop at the same place for more than 3 seconds.

Steps for usage
1. After cleaning the face, first use skin care products, such as lotions or serums, and then activate the RF & EMS mode to promote the absorption of skin care products
2. After the absorption of skin care products, use a specific bright light mode to tighten the skin and perform other functions
We recommend that you use skin care products first, then use colored light mode, then the skin will become more delicate, fair and elastic

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