5.0 Music Hair Sports Running Headset Subwoofer

Color: White
style: English
Sale price$39.51


Suitable for gift-giving occasions: Opening ceremony, employee welfare, award ceremony, an anniversary celebration, festival, fair, advertising promotion, public relations planning, wedding, birthday, business gifts

The transmission range is less than 10 meters
Function: Power display, voice control, call function, support music, multi-point connection
Bluetooth protocol 5.0
Channel stereo
Mode of use: Headwear
Is it mono / binaural stereo
Bh10 graffiti bear - Black - neutral,
Bh10 graffiti bear - white - neutral,
Bh10 graffiti bear - Black - English,
Bh10 graffiti bear - white - English,
Chip: Zhongke Lanxun
Battery capacity: 400 Ma
Standard configuration: Bluetooth host, USB charging cable, data cable, manual, certificate, packaging

Package Content
1 x Headset

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