What Makes The D-FIT KIT So Popular?

Workout in full body: The perfect real experience of various fitness equipment can complete the function, train different muscle groups, perfect for your arms, legs, knees, glutes, back, ABS, chest, biceps, triceps, quads, and shoulders. Small tools have unexpected big functions.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant Investment That Has It ALL!

“I was blown away opening the box up! I can't believe they fit in so many useful and high quality tools to sculpt and tone the body. They thought of everything down to a head band! The resistance bands are thick and go up to 50lbs. They can be used alone or together to increase the intensity. The gliders actually glide, as not all do. The smaller resistance bands are made of a non-stick to your skin material and it comes with several. I love the sleeve that protects the bands too, the first I've seen. Overall, great value!!!!”

John doe.

Why Choose D-FIT KIT


made from 100% high-grade natural latex with double layered tubing.


One year warranty included and full service to our clients


Don't like the product? We offer 30-day money back guarantee.


Top seller Shopify awarded for 2020

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