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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, microprojector
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, microprojector


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Specifications: 21x15x7 (cm)
Voltage: AC100-240V (±10%), 50/60Hz (V)
Power:; 60(w)
Effective scanning frequency band: 15.625KHz--15.725KHz
Resolution: 800*480
Brightness: 1000 lumens (ISO national standard)

Projection lens: LED
Projection drawing size: 32 inches - 120 inches (cm)
Color: black, white

Energy efficiency rating: none
Keystone correction: ±15·
Built-in speaker: 2W/8ohm
Focus mode: manual


1. Built-in high-quality stereo speakers

2. Input HDMI HD video signal

3. U disk file playback

4. Support stereo audio signal input and output

5. Local playback supports 1080p full HD video, supports multiple formats of lossless audio and video playback, the living room is a movie theater, and enjoy the visual feast without leaving home!

6. Audio/video TV supporting various smart terminal projects