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Zoe Lee - September 30 2020 at 13:45

Calmer by Flare is a small non-electronic device worn in the ear which claims to reduce stress and increase the quality of sound. Was this product music to my ears? 


First of all, I’ll share my experience with the “unboxing” of the product. Calmer didn’t actually arrive in a box, instead, there was a pouch made of 100% recyclable packaging which is always appreciated. There were some instructions on how to wear the Calmer as well as detailing its effect on hearing. In addition, there were some stickers and a branded fabric pouch. This pouch was appreciated as the Calmer are so small that they could very easily get lost without it.

A Filter for Sound

It’s difficult to describe the effect of wearing the Calmer as I haven’t used a product like it before. Nevertheless, I’ll try and tell you what these products actually do. It’s worth noting that ears and the way we perceive sound is slightly different for everyone, so your experience may differ from mine. Flare claims that they will decrease stress and increase audio quality. For me, using Calmer reduced the ambient “wind” sound in my environments.

The phrase “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” can be easily applied to my experience with Calmer. At first, I didn’t notice any change. However, after a few hours of use, I removed the device from my ears and could notice the “wind” sound which was not present whilst Calmer was in use. The change in sound was noticeable but not as striking as I’d hope it to be. Unfortunately, I also did not experience any changes to stress levels.

In terms of the change of music quality, this was another aspect I was left disappointed with. I tried many times with both headphones (Corsair Void Pro) and my Google Nest Mini and could not distinguish any sound difference when using Calmer. I know both of these audio devices aren’t high end but I feel like they represent audio solutions which many people own.

Tackling Tinnitus

There have been many reports of users sharing the positive impact that Calmer has had on reducing their tinnitus. Sadly, as a tinnitus sufferer of many years, there was no reduction in the ringing of my ears. I wore Calmer in noisy environments, silent environments, indoors and outdoors but the ringing remained. I won’t be changing my review score based on Calmer’s impact on tinnitus as this is not a feature that the company markets. I did want to mention tinnitus as all the reviews I have read talk so highly of Calmer’s impact that it’s worth sharing another view/(sound?) point, albeit negative.


Onto more positive news: I found the product to be very non-intrusive. The instructions were clear in how to place the device in my ear. They sat flush and were very discrete to wear. Family members didn’t even notice I was wearing them throughout the house until they carefully examined and notice the “antenna” part. I wore them constantly for the first two days and they never fell out once. They certainly aren’t invisible but, on the other hand, I did not experience any irritation or discomfort.




My review of Calmer has so far been very negative, however I still recommend a purchase of this product if any of the features that Calmer claims to possess interests you. As mentioned earlier, everyone’s ears are different and will change the way we hear. Other reviews have been much more positive which clearly shows how the experience can drastically change from person to person. Some may have an incredible time with these whilst others, like me, will not. It’s certainly a hard device to review. If I were to be reviewing a controller, the experience would stay very similar for everyone but a product like Calmer is just so subjective.